Having worked with Sarah Hayes on two major projects in Birmingham (Birmingham History Galleries at BMAG, and, ‘We made it’ at Thinktank), it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to express how highly regarded Sarah Hayes is, by myself and my colleagues at The Museum Workshop.

For us, working as contractors on these projects, Sarah was our client point of contact, both in her role as freelance curator and project manager. Sarah was responsible for maintaining the flow of work and information, liaising with both museum staff and contractors at all levels.  This was a crucial role, to which she brought an infectious enthusiasm and dedication, gaining the trust and respect of all she dealt with. Without doubt, it is her commitment, efficiency and flexibility that enabled us to complete on time and within budget.

Sarah has the ability to work on many fronts at the same time, and her skills combine to make her invaluable in the production of an exhibition. On many occasions, when working with contractors, I witnessed her excellent listening skills, intelligent and incisive decision making, and a tact and humour that enabled her to bring a harmony to situations that otherwise would have had a less positive outcome.

Subsequently, since working on these projects with Sarah, we have become aware of the gaps that are left in a project when she is not involved. ‘This project needs a Sarah,’ has become a catchphrase in our workshop.

Sarah is an inspiring person to work with, and I can highly recommend her.

Roy Mandeville, The Museum Workshop

June 2014.